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Services We Provide

Services We Provide

We Provide Top Quality Care

Provider 1 provides a range of specialist and bespoke residential and supported living services to support members of our communities who have a wide variety of challenges that they face.

Our aim is to enable the people we support to achieve their goals, believing passionately that regardless of the challenges they face, everyone can accomplish extraordinary achievements with the right care in the right environment.

We believe in a multidisciplinary approach to support, which is why we also work closely with other professionals including GP’s, medical professionals, speech and language therapy teams, dieticians, social workers, chiropodists, opticians, community psychiatric nurses and other specialist roles. By having these close working partnerships in place, everyone receives the required support to meet all of their individual needs.

Who We Help

Autism affects everyone differently and every individual’s needs are varied. As a spectrum disorder, their autism may also be complicated by other issues, including learning disabilities or difficulties, dyslexia, language development difficulties and epilepsy.

Our talented team of professionals provide expert tailored care and support for people with autism, helping to improve their quality of life, supporting them in their daily activities and tasks and maintaining their independence. We provide a diverse range of leisure and recreational activities that people can choose to become involved with and offer care from a team of highly skilled and experienced care assistants.

From the safe, structured and homely environments to a staff team with significant experience and expertise, each of our person-centred services are specifically designed to support people with autism. The specialist services we provide include:

  • Specialist residential options
  • Innovative support programmes in safe and caring environments, including day services
  • Access to education and employment opportunities
  • Progression through a care pathway that fulfils each individual’s maximum potential.

Our aim is to work with customers to help them to build their life and achieve what they want to and to promote change.

To achieve this we work in partnership with our clients, their families and the wider community to:

  • Support people with a learning disability to overcome barriers to independent living and to sustain independence and remain safe in their own homes
  • Support customers to manage their own finances and benefits
  • Promote independence and regaining skills.
  • Develop initiatives to encourage and enable customers to take an active role in service delivery
  • Support to have the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens
  • Support customers to choose and maintain friends and relationships

We currently provide a range of care and support services specifically for people with a learning disability, including:

  • Supported living schemes
  • Specialist residential services for customers who have behaviours that challenges services
  • Floating support/community learning disability support services
  • Day services aimed at promoting wider community integration, peer support and network and friendship circles.

We help people with learning disabilities to achieve practical and personal goals, such as good health, independent living, managing money, staying safe or finding education or training. Our services focus on each person’s needs, wants, wishes and capabilities, keeping them at the heart of everything we do.

The teams in our care homes pride themselves on enriching their residents’ lives, delivering dementia care with compassion and dignity.

Many of our residents may have previously been cared for at home by a loved one. We understand how hard it can be to support someone through their dementia journey alone before they move into a care home. Our staff are therefore here to not only provide excellent dementia care, but to help our residents’ relatives when it comes to understanding dementia.

Our dementia care homes encourage and support our residents’ families to be part of their dementia journey. Relatives are welcome to visit whenever they like, and we support them to be part of life in our care homes. They are often seen joining in with afternoon tea or taking part in activities with us. Sometimes relatives volunteer in the care homes, helping them to spend quality time with their loved ones.

Our overall aim is to continuously improve the individual experience of people with dementia who use our services through engagement with staff, and making sure everything we do in our care homes is focused on giving the very best care to all of our residents.

We provide a range of care services for people with dementia. This includes:

  • Individualised care plans structured around the person
  • Specialised dementia care delivered in a homely environment
  • Residents and family involvement initiatives
  • Flexible day care services to support people to maintain independence in their own homes
  • Respite care and reablement packages

Our aim is to empower individuals by providing a care pathway which focuses on recovery, encouraging people to gain control of their lives, enjoy sustainable independence and have belief in their potential.

We provide support for people with mental health problems in their own homes, whilst others require specialised residential support to enable them to recover and develop. In everything we do, we focus on the needs of the people we support.

Care is tailored to the needs, choices and aspirations of each individual, and we focus on maintaining the privacy, dignity and independence of each person. We develop a range of therapeutic, leisure and social activities for people to become involved with. Our residential homes offer 24-hour supervision by our highly experienced and skilled mental health support team. Designing specialist support to suit a person’s unique requirements is key to our services, with a focus on recovery, social inclusion, enablement and personal development.

We recognise that mental health conditions affect everyone in very different ways, so to meet this challenge, we have a range of services designed to meet a variety of needs including:

  • Specialist residential care, respite and day opportunities
  • Innovative support programmes in a safe and caring environment
  • Independent living in safe accommodation
  • Supported living and community day care opportunities
  • Support in accessing education and paid employment prospects
  • Progression through a care pathway that fulfils each individual’s maximum potential
  • Multidisciplinary team assistance
  • Choices for the people we support that encompass each individual’s needs to achieve positive outcomes and make a transition to more independent living.

How We Help

Attending day care services helps to relieve the loneliness and isolation of people living on their own and assists people in maintaining independence. Our day schemes help to promote wellbeing and integration, and also act as support services for everyone to access. At our day care centres, we offer morning, afternoon and full day sessions.

Local elderly people can enjoy a wide range of activities tailored to what they enjoy doing, as well as trying something new. The sessions are flexible to people’s choices, whether you fancy a particular morning each week or would like to come along every day.

The aim is to promote companionship and care within a safe environment. Our services enable older people to embark on new friendships, in a setting where they feel relaxed. The services are suitable for older people with varying levels of care needs, including those who have dementia.

Our supported living schemes provide innovative and person-centred support enabling people with autism, learning disabilities, mental health illnesses and challenging behaviours to live as independently as possible within their own homes and in the local community. It is also known as Floating Support or Domiciliary Care.

The support provided is person-centred and specifically tailored to meet every unique need, underpinned by our philosophy that every individual has the right to live the life they choose for themselves.

We can provide all forms of support that best fit you, from helping to form friendships and socialise, to support with daily living tasks. We aim to provide bespoke and unique services, tailored to each individual we assist.

Our residential care homes have all of the comforts you would expect, with the small personal touches that make a real difference.

Our aim is to enable the people we support to achieve their goals, believing passionately that regardless of the challenges they face, everyone can accomplish extraordinary achievements with the right care in the right environment.

Our dedicated carers are there around the clock to offer support, provide personal care as well as companionship, and are there to ensure the social, physical and emotional requirements of residents are met through a person-centered approach to care.

We pride ourselves on caring for our residents as though they were members of our own family. With this in mind our residential care homes are designed with all the usual comforts you would expect from home, creating a relaxing atmosphere with features such as cosy fireplaces and personalised bedrooms. We also create pathways to community living, delivering positive outcomes for both the funders and people using our services.

Caring for someone you love can sometimes be physically and emotionally tiring. It’s important for carers to have the opportunity to take a well-deserved rest, so they can continue to carry on doing such an amazing job. Respite also provides a positive experience for the person receiving care.

At our care homes, we can provide respite care to support carers’ breaks. Respite can be available for people needing different levels of care, from residential to recovery care. Anything from one to six weeks at a time, giving carers the chance to relax and recharge their batteries.

We provide a range of care services for people with dementia, and our homes have been developed and adapted to meet the needs of residents with dementia and we offer as much independence and stimulation as possible, incorporating appropriate aspects such as furniture, signage and decor to help people maintain their independence and dignity.

The expertise of our caring team is to recognise and enable each resident to continue to do the things they enjoy for as long as they are able to do so. With a team of specialist workers we are able to meet our residents’ needs at any point in their journey.

In our recovery homes, our residents receive high-quality recovery care delivered with compassion and kindness. Our clinical interventions aim to help adults in our care to rebuild their lives so that they can regain their place in the community. We aim to provide high-quality recovery care in an environment which remains homely, and supports our residents to be as comfortable as possible.

We appreciate for many of our recovery residents, their conditions mean they rely solely on us to support them with things many people take for granted such as personal care, taking medication and at mealtimes. Our specialist support teams pride themselves on delivering care with compassion and treating every resident with the utmost dignity and respect.