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We currently work in partnership with many Local Councils and Authorities across the UK, and we look to increase our partnership links, helping to strengthen the levels of care and support we provide for our residents.
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Our staff work in partnership to help people transform their lives. Most staff work directly with clients, either in housing or support. We also offer volunteering opportunities at our residential sites, including a special mentoring programme for aspiring medics and doctors, to gain invaluable experience, as well as providing key resources that will assist in getting into medical school.

All our staff share a passion for making a difference and helping people in need. We have a supportive management team and a strong culture of teamwork. Our work is guided by our commitment to respect, empowerment, responsibility and excellence.

All staff members agree that we are more of a family than a collection of colleagues, which we are proud of. We provide high-quality training and there are lots of opportunities for development and career progression.
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